Commercial Boiler Maintenance In Beavercreek, OH And The Need For Repairs

A boiler that isn’t working can cause all types of issues for a building. It’s important for anyone who is in charge of a building to make sure the boiler isn’t having any problems. In order to ensure trouble-free operation, preventative maintenance needs to be done. Acting fast for any minor issues is also a must.

What Problems Can Boilers Have?

A person who is concerned about commercial boiler maintenance in Beavercreek OH has to somewhat understand a boiler and the problems it can have. For example, if a boiler isn’t producing any heat or hot water, there could be a number of reasons for the problem. There could be an issues with the boiler’s airlock, valves, or the water levels could be too low. Low levels of water can sometimes be detected by examining for leaks. Any signs of water leaking from a boiler need to be addressed before the leak can cause interference with operation.

More Areas Of Concern

Part of commercial boiler maintenance in Beavercreek OH is paying attention to a boiler’s pilot light. When a pilot light stops working or has problems, the boiler won’t operate correctly. A malfunctioning thermocouple can cause a pilot light to go out. If dirt is allowed to accumulate in the pilot light, the light’s operation can be negatively affected. There can even be a draft that is putting the pilot light out. Visit us to find out more about addressing boiler problems.

What Else To Look Out For?

A building that still uses hard water might have boiler problems. Limescale is known to cause issues with boilers. A residue can accumulate in the boiler because of hard water. If the residue isn’t cleaned, water flow will be restricted. Salt will also build up in the boiler, and that can create a kettling noise when the boiler is working. Whenever a kettling sound is noticed, a service should be called to take a look at the boiler.

Boiler maintenance is pretty straightforward in most cases. Unless the boiler is extremely old, there shouldn’t be many problems with the unit if a strict maintenance schedule is followed.

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