Cleaning, Repairing and Restoration Services for Persian Rugs in New York City

Valuable and treasured items, like a Persian Rug in New York City, are worth the time and effort to have them cared for properly. By learning more about the services that are available, you will be able to extend the life of this property to last throughout your lifetime and possibly even beyond. These services are not just for antique rugs, but even for new purchases that you want to keep looking beautiful.

Repairs and restoration services are the first steps for many old or neglected rugs. If you have inherited or purchased an older rug that has seen better days, consider taking it to a professional for assistance. Even the most desperate cases can be salvaged most of the time. A restoration expert will be able to replace missing or damaged fringe, repair bald spots or holes by matching the materials and reweaving or repealing the pattern into place. They can make faded rugs look bright again and even repair or replace damaged edges.

Once your rug is back to its original beauty, it is important to keep it looking great. This is possible only when you have it cleaned regularly. Cleaning matters for a number of reasons. Obviously, any stains that are left in the carpet will be more difficult to remove once they have had a chance to settle into the fibers. This is especially true after they have been repeatedly walked over and literally ground into the material.

The other issue is dirt and sand. These pieces of debris may seem annoying but harmless, but that is not the case. On floors, the dirt becomes the equivalent of sandpaper, tearing away at carpeting and damaging the fabric over time.

Luckily it is possible to have repairs and cleanings performed in the same place for your Persian Rug in New York City. That place is The Golden Horn, and they are experts in the art of caring for oriental rugs. They provide detailed restoration services and careful hand cleaning techniques that can keep your rug looking like new. They also offer a variety of other services including dying, re-sizing and more. Contact them to schedule a consultation for your own rugs to learn more.

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