Choosing the right roof

Roofs come in many varieties and styles, each with its own benefits and uses. They take many forms and can be constructed out of a number of different materials. The wide range of colours and designs available nowadays means that a roof can be individual in its look. It is advised that any homeowner considering the installation of a new roof consults with a company specialising in flat roofing services in Newcastle Under Lyme.


The vast majority of roofs on homes are pitched which means they are set on an angle and not just laid flat across the top of the building. There are a number of reasons for this, the most obvious being that a pitched roof allows rain water to run off quickly and efficiently. This may just run straight off of the roof or it may be handled by a guttering system. Either way the water does not hang anywhere on the roof and so the chances of leaks are quite unlikely. A pitched roof can also be a very ornate feature of a house and a homeowner has a number of options for making their roof as pleasing to the eye as possible.

Garages, sheds and other out buildings

Lower level outbuildings on a property are usually additions that have been built at a later time to the house itself. An extension to add a garage or utility room provides an excellent benefit to the homeowner but as it is a building in its own right it also needs a roof. A lot of garages, sheds and other outbuildings are fitted with flat roofs that are either made of concrete or a tar base layer covered in gravel. Other more minor buildings like garden sheds may use a felt roof as they are often made of a wooden frame and so the light nature of felt makes it an ideal choice. The reason that these buildings often have flat roofs is merely so they don’t obstruct the view from the main property. A large pitched roof would obstruct upstairs windows and reduce the visibility that a homeowner has. To discuss further options or discover more about flat roofing in Newcastle Under Lyme you should contact a specialist roofing company.

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