Choosing Appropriate Pool Supplies in Overland Park

Owning a swimming pool is great; however, it comes with its own set of challenges. One of these challenges happens to be pool maintenance. Proper maintenance of a swimming pool involves more than just skimming leaves from the surface of the pool. However, with the right Pool Supplies from Banks Blue Valley Pool and Spa Designs in Overland Park, maintaining cleanliness in your home pool is quite easy. Here are some helpful tips for the selection of pool supplies.

Choose a good filter

A pool filter is what removes dirt, bacteria and other pathogens from the water that enters the pool. There are three common filter types:

1. Sand filters
2. DE filters (diatomaceous Earth)
3. Cartridge filters

Sand filters are preferred by many homeowners because they are cheap and easy to operate. They also need very little maintenance. However, they are said to be less effective than the other filter types. DE filters are very effective in filtering waste particles from the pool water. They filter particles that are as little as 3 microns, meaning they will filter out bacteria from your pool. They are also quite easy to maintain, especially if you get a good cleaner. They however cost more than the sand filters. Cartridge filters are made with a filter fabric that can sieve particles as little as 20 microns. They offer a large filtration area while preventing backwash of dirty water to the pool. They are also quite expensive.

Other equipment and supplies

Other common pool cleaning supplies include:

1. Leaf nets and skimmers: these are used to remove leaves from the surface of the swimming pool.
2. Vacuum hoses: these are used in cleaning all areas around and in the pool.
3. Toys, floats and inflatable things: these are supposed to help people that haven’t mastered the skill of swimming.
4. Pool chemicals: There is a certain chemical balance that is supposed to be maintained in the pool at all times. Chemicals are added to eliminate any harmful pathogen and discourage the growth of things like mold and algae, they also purify the water.

All these are supplies that you can get from Banks Blue Valley Pool and Spa Designs in Overland Park.


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