Children’s Furniture That Delights and Instructs

In the classroom, the furniture children use is considered essential to learning. At home, it is viewed more as a necessity and decorating item. However, the furniture you buy for a child’s home use is every bit as much a learning tool as the table, chairs, and bookcases used in the school room. Buying high quality furniture that is attractive and gets the attention of the young children will play a role in learning at home like it does at school.

Attractive and colorful furniture designed just for children makes a room more attractive and accessible. For example, a sturdy one-step stool enables a small child to reach a drawer or climb into bed. However, the very act of climbing onto the small stool improves motor skills and promotes creative thinking. Adults take simple maneuvers for granted, but a toddler using the stool for sitting or to reach inaccessible items is developing problem-solving skills. Of course, mom and dad make sure only safe items can be reached by a climbing child.

Everything in its Place

Even an older baby using the small chair or flip stool for assistance with standing on wobble legs is relying on furniture for development. However, there are many other pieces of furniture that can become teaching tools. For example, the themed clothes pole or coat rack adds extra storage while also providing the perfect opportunity to teach a child about neatness and putting things away.

The same holds true for cabinets with drawers, bookcases, and toy chests. Each one of these furniture pieces creates storage space, but can be used for teaching young children about putting their toys, books and clothes away. Even crawling babies quickly learn where toys are stored or books are stored. Another favorite piece of furniture is the rocking chair. Young children love just about anything that moves and having their own little rocker teaches the concept of rocking or movement and how to be cautious while managing a moving object. Of course, it is not long before the rocking chair becomes their favorite chair.

Practical Considerations

When buying baby or toddler furniture, you need to ask yourself a few questions. For example, is the furniture for a boy or girl because many items are painted pink or blue and have traditional themes like gardens and sports. In addition, you need to determine where the furniture will be placed in the house and how it will be used. A baby table used for meals may need to be different than a table made for active play. It is also important to keep the décor of the room in mind. You want the furniture to blend in well and enhance the appearance of the child’s room or space.

Of course, the most important consideration when buying children’s furniture is its safety. Since young children as so hard on furniture, anything they use regularly should be high quality and built with safety in mind. The furniture construction must be solid and have strong joints that can endure rugged play. It is important to make sure there are no sharp edges or other features that can cause injury or come loose.

Furniture built for babies and toddlers plays an important role in child development. However, it is also designed to provide hours of fun, even while serving as instructional aids. Making sure the purchased pieces are able to withstand the rough treatment they will get is important for the child’s protection. Pick the furniture carefully because it will be used for many, many years.

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