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Plumbing needs can arise for remodeling projects, new construction, and repairs. Plumbers Waxahachie TX can perform more than installation or repair of water lines or drains. They can also install gas lines and correct leaks in a slab. Plumbing is a difficult skill to acquire. Connecting the pipes and ensuring there are no leaks does not usually turn out well for an untrained individual. Water and drain pipes can leak between walls and floors. When this occurs, an experienced plumber can detect the leak area without removing walls in the home with a specialized video camera.

Clogs in drains inside of the home and into the septic system can create a real problem for homeowners or businesses. Some clogs are from objects being flushed in the toilet that shouldn’t have been. Some clogs are from a buildup of grease, food and a variety of other items washing down the drain. Plumbers in Waxahachie TX can safely remove those clogs without the use of harmful chemicals in the system. When the water is slow draining from a tub, shower, sink or toilet, the line outside to the septic tank could be broken or clogged. Tree roots can damage underground pipes and block the flow to the septic. These roots can be detected with a special camera and removed to let the water flow return.

Hot water tanks installation and repair is another item that a plumber performs. When a hot water tank stops producing hot water, the first thing to check is the breaker if it is electric. If the breaker is still on, there is a good chance the heating element within the tank needs to be replaced. If the tank is leaking water on the outside, the tank will need to be replaced. Only a trained plumber should perform repairs and replace a hot water tank due to safety reasons. Water and electric can be very dangerous for an untrained individual. Gas hot water tanks can release fumes that could cause serious injury or death.

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