Call a Tree Cutting Service in Arlington for Pruning and Removal Jobs

Many people who get trees cut down don’t actually want them to go. Instead, storms, insects, and other problems force the hiring of a tree cutting service Arlington. That was the case with the giant post oak in Arlington, which was cut down after storms tore the tree “to pieces.” Cracks throughout the tree made it a danger to public safety, and forced the city to order the removal of the historic oak.

When a large tree needs to be removed, the Greentree Arlington tree service doesn’t just chop it up and throw the wood into a landfill. Instead, the company provides a true green tree service by turning the smaller branches into wood chips and splitting the larger ones for firewood. When possible, it will also plant a new tree where the old one once stood.

Some tree services are quite happy to saw up branches, but leave their customers with tall, bare tree stumps to deal with. If you want the job to be completely done, it’s essential to choose a service that also does the stump grinding. This will save you from having to hire a different company to finish the job.

Of course, not all tree cutting involves complete removal of a tree. In many cases, some of a large tree’s branches will grow into unwanted places, such as over a roof, but the rest of the tree will be fine. Then, you can take care of the problematic branches by calling a tree cutting service Arlington. The service will not only remove the troublesome parts, but do so in a way that will preserve the health of the rest of the tree. This is the best solution for trees that you want to keep.

Since tree cutters end up with plenty of wood, you shouldn’t just think of them when you want to have trees removed or trimmed. If you’re looking for firewood or wood chips, make a tree cutter your first stop. Ones like Greentree, which split the large branches they collect instead of grinding them all up, are great sources of both types of wood products. Visit¬† for more details.

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