Breathe New Life into Your Bathroom with a Glass shower Door in Indianapolis, IN

In these tough economic times, many a creative home owner has discovered that updating the look of her home with carefully thought out improvements not only increases her home’s functionality and value, but also make it more beautiful. Buying a new home might not be practical and a full scale remodel might be out of reach as well, but it is usually possible to breathe dramatic new life into each room of a home by spending no more than a few hundred dollars. Kitchens and bathrooms are two heavily used areas of the home where a few thoughtful changes impart a sense of revitalization to the entire home.

Take kitchens, for example. A new coat of paint does wonders to brighten tired walls. A bit of crown molding, added to the tops of inexpensive cabinets, along with a coat of paint and new hardware make them appear far more expensive than they actually were. A fancy new faucet, light fixtures, and even the addition of a bright new rug, work to modernize the appearance of the entire space.

Bathrooms are another room that benefit from strategic improvements. They’re generally small enough that even the floors can be re-tiled or covered without breaking the bank. Wallpaper is an easy do-it-yourself project that provides mega “bang for the buck.” A subtle improvement that does not even occur to many, but which adds appreciable impact, is the addition of a new glass shower door in Indianapolis, IN. Glass shower doors come in an array of styles that surprise many the first time they enter a showroom such as the one at Dr. Shower Door and Mirror LLC. They’re available for every sized bathroom, and any bath or shower configuration. They can even be custom made to your exact specifications! Framed, semi-framed, frameless, swinging, sliding, folding … a new glass shower door provides a bathroom the impact of a high-end remodel for pennies on the dollar. As with the kitchen, the bathroom also gains quite a surge of new life from stylish new hardware, faucets, and paint.

Don’t let your frustrations over the economy prevent you from enjoying the same feelings of delight that you would get from a full scale remodel or even from a new home! It is possible to not only increase the value of your home, but to also increase your satisfaction and enjoyment with only a few wisely thought out improvements.

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