Big Ticket Items Looked At in a Clearwater Home Inspection

The home inspection in Clearwater is one of the most important inspections in the home buying process. It basically tells the buyers if the home is ready for them to move in. During this process, the inspector looks at a number of things. There are some big ticket items that a home inspector like SEC Inspection Services will point out during the inspection. If these things are faulty, the buyer may have to negotiate to get them fixed.

One of the biggest parts of a home that a Clearwater Home Inspection will look at is the roof and the age of the roof. The roof is really a big ticket item to replace. If there are problems with it, there are likely more problems elsewhere. The roof age also comes into play because after so much time, the roof will need to be replaced. Having a sound roof is an essential part of a homeowner’s ability to move in.

The electrical system is another area that gets scrutinized. This system is a major safety issue for the home. If there is shoddy work, overloaded circuits or an improper electrical board, the electrical system will have to be replaced. This is a big expense that requires a few inspections to ensure the system is electrically correct. A homeowner often cannot move in until this safety issue is addressed.

The foundation is another big ticket item in the Clearwater Home Inspection. The foundation of the home is an indicator of the structural integrity of the home. If this is damaged, it can cost a lot of money to replace or repair it. Often, the entire home has to be lifted up in order to replace it. This is not usually an expense that buyers are looking to take on especially if this is their first home.

These big ticket items are a deterrent to buyers. Thus, they are scrutinized carefully during the report. Not only are they do cost a lot to replace, they are also a part of any safety issues that need to be addressed before the new homeowners can move in.

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