Benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma Injection OKC

It is not uncommon for medical professionals to suggest Platelet Rich Plasma Injections OKC for individuals who suffer from a chronic musculoskeletal condition. While this is still a newer therapy in terms of non-surgical spinal care, it is gaining popularity fairly quickly. This therapy is very effective in treating a number of foot and ankle conditions. This includes Achilles tendinitis and plantar faciosis.

Plantar Faciosis

Plantar faciosis is the name of a condition in which there is inflammation and a torn ligament in the arch of a person’s foot. The pain that is caused by this condition is usually prescribed as sharp and stabbing. Most people agree that when you first step off of your bed in the morning that is when the sharp pain is most intense. After a few days the swelling of your foot will subside and the pain will go away for a while.

Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is defined as inflammation as well as the tear of tendons in the foot. The most common tear and inflammation takes place on the back portion of an individual’s heel. Much like plantar faciosis individuals claim to experience a both sharp and stabbing pain. Individuals with Achilles tendinitis experience varying levels of pain when they walk that gets increasingly worse when they climb up stars or walk up an elevated pathway.

Both of these painful foot conditions can be treated by receiving platelet rich plasma injections OKC in the back and bottom of the heel. Generally, the affected area will remain in pain and discomfort for roughly a week. Individuals who get Platelet Rich Plasma Injections OKC are given very specifically designed walking boots that they are encouraged to wear for roughly two weeks after they receive their injections.

While platelet rich plasma injections are still a rare treatment option. The results they have provided have been uplifting. You can check out to learn more about this treatment option as well as other noninvasive treatment options that are available for individuals who suffer from a whole plethora of musculoskeletal conditions. You do not have to live with the pain and surgery is not the only solution, you do have other options now.

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