Beneficial Uses of PV in Honolulu

by | Oct 3, 2013 | Energy

There has been continued sensitization across the world to source for green and clean energy in order to reduce environmental pollution and conserve the scarce energy resources we have. Solar energy is one source of renewable energy that can be used over time without getting depleted or causing pollution to the environment. Other sources of energy, such as nuclear, coal and petroleum products are not renewable.
These sources cause harm to the environment and are limited in certain aspects, rendering them inflexible as they are. Solar energy is abundant in supply and would save economies millions of dollars spent generating energy from other sources and maintaining their supply. For instance, putting up a nuclear or a geothermal plant is far more expensive than installing a PV station.

Solar energy has various uses such as solar heating, solar photovoltaic, effective green housing and generation of electricity among other uses. Solar rays are captured using special glass panels or convex glasses, converted to electrical energy and distributed for utilization. Photovoltaics, commonly known as PV’s are panels used to capture solar rays and the energy collected is harnessed for use. Generally installing PV incurs higher costs but has long term advantages compared to other sources of energy, as the source can’t be exhausted and the supply is independent of the national energy grid.

PV consists of solar panels that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) and an inverter machine that converts the current to AC. There are PV in Honolulu systems for homes, commercial premises and for industrial use. The DC current is converted to alternating current (AC) to enable use by most of appliances.

The temperatures in Hawaii are favourable for solar energy tapping. Several companies operate in Honolulu offering PV services from sale, installation, maintenance and repair of PV systems. The use of PV Honolulu became popular in 2000 with the largest PV having a capacity of 2MW. Over the years, the Hawaii electricity supply market has been controlled by cartels. Most businesses have opted to seek alternative sources of energy that are cheaper and reliable. To find out more, you can search online or Visit website pertaining to solar energy.
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