Before You Buy a Commercial Flatbed Truck

You can buy many kinds of commercial trucks in Fresno CA, but flat beds offer the most options. For example, with flatbeds, you can haul all kinds of loads, and you are not restricted by standard truck sizes. But which flatbed for trucks should you choose and what do you need to know? Let’s look closer and see.

Not All Flat Beds Are the Same

You’ll find four basic types of flat beds when you shop for trucks:

* Stake beds – you can remove some of the gates to accommodate different cargo needs.

* Utility beds – standard flatbed

* Tow trucks – for towing vehicles

* Dump beds – give you all the benefits of a flatbed for trucks with the convenience of a dump truck

Permits and Licenses

In Fresno CA you need a commercial drivers license (CDL) if you drive a 2 axle truck over 26,000 pounds. With 3 axle vehicles over 6000 pounds, you must have a CDL. Check with the Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if you need a motor carrier permit. If you plan to haul volatile or flammable materials, you’ll need special permits.

Driving Issues

Test drive the truck you’d like to buy and check out these important things:

* Measure the height and width of the truck

* Look for any blind spots when backing up or changing lanes

* Check out the turning radius to see how easy it is to maneuver

* Notice how well the brakes work

* Make sure all the lights work

* Check the maintenance records

Where Should You Buy Your Truck?

When you want the best flatbed for trucks in Fresno CA, go to a company specializing in custom truck bodies. They often have high quality used trucks for sale, and they can make the perfect custom built truck body for your business.

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