Before Going to a Pediatric Dentist, Stamford Parents Should Teach Good Habits

Just like it’s important for children to begin visiting pediatricians as soon as they’re born, they should also become accustomed to seeing dentists from a very young age. If you live in Stamford, Connecticut, the staff at our office can help you and your child feel comfortable from the moment you arrive. There are also a few things you can do before your first visit to a pediatric dentist. Stamford children may initially feel uneasy, but you can help minimize the chances of oral problems.

Limit Your Child’s Access to Sugary Drinks

You may be surprised to find out how many of the beverages you regularly offer your child contain high amounts of sugar. If possible, encourage your child to drink milk and water instead of soda or juice. If you do allow him or her to drink something sweet, insist that your child brush his or her teeth thoroughly immediately afterward.

Make It Fun to Take Care of Teeth

Make sure your child already understands how to properly take care of his or her teeth before visiting a pediatric dentist. Stamford grocers and drugstores sell kid-sized toothbrushes, and toothpaste made with appealing flavors. Consider picking out some of those items so brushing teeth seems fun, and not like a chore.

Supervise to Ensure Good Technique

While visiting a pediatric dentist, Stamford parents often ask questions about how to teach kids good oral care habits. Even before your child’s appointment though, it’s still important to closely watch your child when he or she is using a toothbrush.

That allows you to discourage swallowing of toothpaste, but also allows you to coach kids about how important it is to target all the surfaces of teeth, and to brush for several minutes at a time rather than rushing through the process.

When searching for a skilled and friendly pediatric dentist in Stamford area, Stamford mothers and fathers can rest assured of excellent care by visiting the office of Dr. Jeffrey Cahn. We understand there are special considerations related to helping youngsters feel at ease, and look forward to helping them have positive associations with dental offices that continue for the rest of their lives.


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