Beautiful Lettering Created by Sand Blasting in Connecticut

Trying to decide on a nice gravestone won’t be easy on a loved one left behind. Sometimes, it’s just too difficult for them to think which type, color, lettering or size their parent or another relative would want. This is why so many are pre-planning and paying ahead of time for their funerals and headstones. Doing this makes it so much easier for the family when someone they love so dearly passes on. If you’re from Connecticut, you’ve very likely heard of Shelley Brothers Monuments. They’ve been supplying the most beautiful headstones to families in the state for over 170 years.

The stones are still standing in the cemeteries across the state and the lettering on them is still easy to read and definite. They sell stones in many colors. They’re available in granite, marble and bronze, in slanted markers and headstones. They’re available in Mahogany, Mountain Rose, Canadian Pink, Impala Black, Grey and more. Talk to an associate today who will assist you with choices. If you already have a grave site and want your marker placed on it, give the company a call. They’re a leader in Sand Blasting in Connecticut and do their work on-site. Contact Business Name for more details.

Most people don’t realize that cemeteries often have specifications as to the types of stones they allow. This is especially helpful to those who are coming in from out of state and who may want special emblems, sizes and certain contours that won’t be approved by cemeteries wanting conformity in headstones or monuments. When the family is treated with utmost respect and compassion by a monument company, it takes much of the stress out of choosing the stone. Knowing each letter will be placed by a company well known for it’s perfect Sand Blasting in Connecticut and will be specially designed, also helps deal with this stressful situation.

More and more people are planning ahead. They’re making plans for the future and plans for when they pass on so they have every detail of their life, and death covered. Many people don’t want relatives to be faced with dealing with any part of their demise. They know the stress they felt when planning the long ago funerals of parents before pre-planning became popular. Today, dealing with death, funerals, headstones and markers are a part of living. Knowing where to go to get help is very important. Visit us for more details.

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