Artificial Snow Making Machines Create Winter Wonderlands

Regardless of where you live or the type of event that you are sponsoring, creating a winter wonderland is now super easy by using one of the hidden gems of the film and theater industry. If you have ever wondered how that iconic winter scene is captured in the movies or in plays, here is the secret: a snow machine!

How a snow machine works

Snow machines create the atmosphere of freshly fallen snow by adding a dry mix of polymer-based fake snow powder and water together. The machine creates the snow from this mixture of ingredients and forces it out with high-powered air. It is possible to achieve several different effects, depending upon what you intend to use the snow machine for. Movie and play stage sets can use a snow machine to lay down a layer of snow to cover the ground for a winter effect. The machine can also be placed in a high location to achieve the effect of falling snow. The rate of falling snow can be adjusted anywhere from a light snowfall to a heavy one. There are also settings that allow for the fake snow to evaporate immediately after it falls, to avoid creating a soggy floor that would need cleanup. Snow machines are diverse and can be used for many different snowy effects.

Other uses for snow machines

Snow machines are used with film and theater professionals, homeowners, parents, civic clubs, and a wide variety of other organizations. Some other uses of artificial snow machines include children’s parties, prom and winter dances, fundraising events, preschool playgrounds, homeowners, hotels, florists, amusement parks, and department stores.

What to look for when purchasing artificial snow making machines

SnoWonder is the top seller of snow machines and a wide variety of other artificial snow equipment in the United States. SnoWonder is dedicated to providing top-quality snow making equipment and premium customer service.

If you or an organization you belong to is involved in regularly sponsored events that could use new ideas for theme development, you may benefit from purchasing an artificial snow machine to make your events more exciting and fun for the participants.

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