Amaze Your Clients With Your Next Trade Show Exhibit Booth

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Business Services

Setting up your trade show exhibit booth with new pizazz is the way to amaze your longtime clients at your next conference or trade event. All it takes is making some changes to the trade show exhibit booth you may have been using for the past few years. With the web pages of to guide you, you can make big changes by using photographs or banners to direct a room of people towards your company and its many products and services.

It all starts with your the position of your booth at the trade show. Every possible position in the room has its own advantages. Corner booths often have more room to stretch out and additional privacy when speaking with those who approach you. The private nature of this position can also make you stand out from row after row of competitors. Having the opportunity to place your booth in the center of the room is a sure way to have all eyes upon you. Instead of placing your banners against the wall to advertise your logo or company name, these banners can be hung from the ceiling or set off from a standing position. In addition, your booth can be customized to take advantage of a circular shape with multiple panels surrounding a particular product or theme you want to present.

What makes each booth special is how they can be developed to work with a long running theme or a short lived offer. Adding to your ongoing theme can be baskets filled with samples if applicable or promotional materials for clients to take home to their own offices.

To further personalize your trade show booth, you may want to work with a variation in sizes of photographs and graphics that you use. Creative a height difference or use widely varying colors to attract attention from afar. Integrated within your booth can be videos or photo exhibits that bring attention further back to enhance the field of depth. Enhancing your indoor exhibit can be banners made especially for the outdoors to let your clients know that you are attending and exhibiting.

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