Aluminum vs. Steel Mailboxes

Mailboxes can able to be constructed using a variety of materials; however, the most popular are aluminum and steel. Aluminum and steel mailboxes have benefits and disadvantages that should influence your decision when choosing a material. Before choosing a mailbox for your home or business, consider the pros and cons of both common types of boxes.

Aluminum Mailboxes
The greatest advantage of an aluminum mailbox compared to one that is constructed of steel, is the properties and life of aluminum. Aluminum is less susceptible to rust than steel, making it an ideal metal to withstand wet or harsh weather conditions. Aluminum mailboxes are also credited with having a longer lifespan than steel mailboxes. Because they are less likely to rust, their life is significantly extended.
There are also two disadvantages to choosing an aluminum box for your home or business. The first disadvantage is the price point, which is slightly higher than that of a steel box. The second disadvantage is that aluminum boxes are more likely to be scratched, dented, and otherwise damaged than steel boxes.

Steel Mailboxes
One of the biggest reasons steel mailboxes are so attractive is their durability. Steel boxes are resistant to dents, bending, and other types of damages, making them more durable than aluminum mailboxes. The price of steel boxes is also attractive, as the steel is a more affordable mailbox material than aluminum. This gives steel a lower price point.
There are two disadvantages that are associated with steel boxes. The first disadvantage is the properties of steel materials. Steel mailboxes are more likely to rust than aluminum ones. The second disadvantage of steel is its lifetime in comparison to the life of aluminum. Because they are more susceptible to rust, steel boxes generally have a shorter lifespan that aluminum ones. However, adding a powder coat finish to a steel box can lengthen its lifespan.

The Design
There are advantages and disadvantages to steel and aluminum boxes that you should consider before purchase. However, one factor that should not influence your decision is the intended design of your mailbox. Aluminum and steel are both metals that are able to be molded. This allows you to choose several different shapes for your mailbox, whether it is traditional or customized just for your home or business. Steel and aluminum boxes are also able to be painted, finished, colored, and otherwise deigned to allow you to choose the appearance of your mailbox. Whether you choose from designs that are already available, or choose to have a mailbox designed specifically for your home or business, you can choose an appearance that will fit your needs no matter which construction material that you use.

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