Advantages of Having a Professional Inspect Water Heaters in Putnam County, NY

Having a water heating system that is working well is very important in helping to keep a home and its occupants healthy and clean. While most water heating systems are designed to last a number of years, they can develop problems. When this occurs, a homeowner will want to contact a professional who repairs Water Heaters in Putnam County, NY as quickly as possible.

One of the most common issues that can occur is the unit will stop producing hot water. When this happens, one of the first things that the repair person from Cassidy Plumbing will need to determine is if the unit has completely stopped producing hot water or if it just does so sometimes. This is important because if the unit is too small for the needs of the home, then it will still produce hot water, it will just not be enough for the needs of the family and so it will run out of hot water. In this type of situation, the unit is not broken. It will just need to be replaced with a bigger model of Water Heaters in Putnam County, NY.

If the unit has completely stopped producing any amount of hot water, then the technician will want to examine the unit and make sure that all the connections to the unit are secure. This can include the water, electricity and/or gas. If the connections are good then the professional who deals with repairs of Water Heaters in Putnam County, NY will need to inspect the heating system of the water heater. On gas units, this can include a pilot, control valve, thermocouples and burners. An electric unit will have heating elements. The repair person will inspect these components for signs of damage or disrepair. If they have any types of issues, it may be necessary to replace them so that the unit will produce hot water again.

A professional from a company that repairs Water Heaters in Putnam County, NY will next want to inspect the condition of the water in the tank. They can do this by draining the tank through the drain valve located on the tank. If a good amount of sediment is noted in the water after it is drained, the tank may have a buildup of sediment inside it. This can stop the water from heating and the tank will need to be flushed. Visit for more details.

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