Advantages of Back Pain Therapy in Draper

Back pain can be overwhelming and interfere with your daily activities. There are several reasons why you may have a back problem, including age, which can cause wear and tear on your joints, ligaments and muscles. back pain therapy in Draper consist of a wide range of techniques that are designed to relieve the pain. If your family physician has recommended you visit a physical therapist for treatment of your back, it is important to understand About physical therapy and how it is beneficial for your back pain.During your consultation for Back pain therapy in Draper the therapist will ask you a variety of questions, such as if you suffered an injury or what other problem may be causing your back pain. The goal of physical therapy is improve your mobility, range of motion and ability to complete daily activities without pain. It is important to keep in mind that physical therapy is typically very effective, however, it may be a slow process.

The therapist will explain the various processes that may be beneficial for your pain as well as provide you with information about exercises you can do at home, in between the appointments with the therapist.The treatments used will primarily depend on what stage your pain is or how long it has been since the injury happened. The initial goal of the therapist will be to reduce spasms and inflammation, so you may have to use cold and/or hot packs for the first few visits to the therapist. Once there isn’t a risk of inflammation, the therapist will begin to use techniques such as a TENS machine, which sends electrical stimulation to the nerves and the brain signals responsible for pain, so the pain is blocked.Other techniques used by the therapist for treating your back pain may include stretching exercises and massage. Stretching exercises are beneficial for realigning the ligaments, which helps to reduce stress on the muscle and improve blood flow. Most people will have to continue doing the stretching exercises as part of their home routine in order to keep muscles from having spasms and to ease the pain.

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