Actions to Take During an Initial Visit to a Dentist in Cinco Ranch

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Dentistry

A dental patient’s professional relationship with a dentist is largely based on trust. The belief that the dentist will use the correct measures to minimize cross-infection often comes with this trust. While a majority of dentists use strict hygienic measures to prevent the transfer of harmful organisms, some may not. For this reason, patients should perform certain actions during an initial visit to a Dentist in Cinco Ranch.

A prospective patient should observe the general condition of a dentist’s office. This starts with the reception area. Are the floors clean? Are the walls dirty? Ideally, a dental office will have flooring that can be sterilized, such as hospital-grade linoleum. However, carpets can be sanitized with regular cleaning. The walls in a dental office should be relatively free of grime that can harbor germs.

Scrutinize the hallways of the dental office on the way to the treatment rooms. Is there soap and paper towels at all sinks for convenient hand washing? Regular hand washing has been shown to be one of the best ways to prevent spreading bacteria. Are papers and objects strewn on countertops? Countertops and other work surfaces should be neat and organized to make sanitizing easier. Continue evaluating the state of the dental office throughout the first visit.

Look at the way the Dentist In Cinco Ranch uses gloves. A dentist should put on a new pair of gloves between treating two patients. The gloves should come out of a glove dispenser. After putting on gloves, a dentist should only touch a patient’s mouth or the equipment used to treat the patient. Used gloves should be disposed of in a proper receptacle. A dentist should wash his hands before putting on a new pair of gloves. All dental tools should be placed on a tray with a liner underneath.

Patients should talk to their dentists when they feel protective measures are not being used correctly. Doing this will help patients protect their dental and overall health. For information on dental services, please visit Texas Gentle Dental can handle many services including preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, pediatric dentistry, and oral surgery.

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