About Cosmetic Dentistry

Search for a local cosmetic dentist Beavercreek to assist in meeting the cosmetic needs of the patient by improving the appearance of their teeth. Cosmetic dental procedures include dental surgery, whitening, veneers and more. Cosmetic dentistry involves dental procedures such repairing chipped or broken teeth, dental fillings matching the patient’s teeth, straighten the patient’s teeth to improve the appearance of their teeth and facial appearance, filling cavities with amalgams or tooth color-shaded materials, reshape teeth to match the other teeth, gaps between teeth by closing them and covering chipped or broken teeth with crowns made out or porcelain.

Tooth bleaching also known as whitening which is a common dental procedure that can easily be completed at the dentist office or in the comfort of the patient’s home. There are many teeth bleaching options available including over-the-counter products, treatments approved by the dentist for lightening the patient’s discolored teeth. Veneers are another popular option that assists in closing gaps and hiding discolored teeth that don’t respond to whitening techniques. They are custom-made thin porcelain materials that are bonded directly on the teeth. Tooth reduction may occur depending on the procedures that need to be completed.

Bonding is a process involving an enamel-based dental composite type of material that is used to apply directly to the tooth’s surface. The enamel composite is sculpted to shape the tooth, and then the dentist hardens the material, and then polished. Bite Reclamation is a cosmetic dental procedure for patients who have excessive wear and tear to their teeth due to acid reflux or grinding. The excessive wear and tear affects the appearance of the patient’s smile, or a shorter look to their face. The cosmetic dentist Beavercreek will be able to open up their bite and claim back the vertical dimension. This change will help to remove unwanted wrinkles on the patient’s face too. Dental fillings and other tooth materials are primarily made out of amalgam, gold, silver, porcelain and other metals. Dental materials can now be made out of composite material or porcelain with a focus on mimicking the look of a healthy natural tooth structure.

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