A Plumbing Contractor can Quickly Fix a Sewer in Philadelphia

Every business owner has experienced the frustrations of clogged drains and sewer problems. For some businesses such as restaurants it can lead to mandatory closure until the problem is solved. That’s because it’s impossible to guarantee sanitary conditions without running water. Once a food establishment is closed it can require a health inspector’s approval to open again. Most restaurant owners understand this and they work with a reliable plumbing contractor to minimize sewer Philadelphiaproblems.

At least once a year they have their plumbing contractor clean out all of the grease traps and make sure that they are working. Then he uses a video camera system to inspect all of the drain pipes and sewer lines. At this stage he can take note of any potential clogs starting to build up in the pipes. Plumbers now have powerful hydro-jetting tools. These are hoses with nozzles designed to push out pressurized water. This can quickly unclog the most stubborn clog. This maintenance minimizes the chance that a drain clog will force a restaurant to close.

Of course sometimes the business owner and plumber can’t stop a patron from putting the wrong item down the toilet. In that case, the business owner usually has a service agreement with the plumbing contractor that he will be there within the hour to deal with the Sewer Philadelphia problem. Some restaurants even have two sets of restrooms, so if they have to close one, they still have the other for patrons to use. Fortunately the camera can find almost any problem. If it’s a child’s toy or diamond bracelet, he will have the long wire with grips on the front to pull it out.

Even in the city, tree roots growing into the sewer line are a major problem. If the camera identifies this issue, the restaurant owner will have to deal with having the sewer line replaced. It’s best to do this before, major holes and clogs develop in the sewer. This can cause major problems in the building foundation and lead to structural damage. Luckily the camera will find the exact location. This will minimize the time spent searching for it and the amount of flooring or sidewalk that will have to be torn up.

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