A Close Focus on Decision Support for Inventory Management

A management information system is a system that basically provided the information to manage a company or organization in an effective way. This system has grown in popularity and organizations are now using it to make decisions and organize operations.

With the advancement in technology, this system has been improving in term of performance and its making work easier for a large number of organizations and companies around the globe. The decision support for inventory management is based on information and technology and 3 basic resource persons.

Benefits of Using the System

* Makes it easier to coordinate departments. It simply the best system for big organization with many departments.
* It also reduces the cost of labor. Instead of hiring people to do this job, the system does it for you.
* Makes it easier to make decisions. This system can help in supporting decision making in an organization.
* It also saves time.
* Also makes it easier to analyze the day’s work and put in the right measures to improve the production of the organization.
* It enables business to use employee performance records and revenue reports to highlight their strength and weaknesses.

Although there are different types of management information system, we are going to look a decision support system only. Just as the names suggests, this system helps in making decisions in an organization.

As we all know, managers can be stuck in a very compromising situation and the fact that their decisions means a lot to the organization means that they have to be certain that the decisions they are making are good. This system provides managers with information that can help them make intelligent decisions.

One thing about this system that is absolutely amazing is that you don’t need a specialist to use it. It has three main fundamental components.

* The first component is the database management system. This component is used to store information in systematic manner and the good thing is that it can store large amounts of data. The information is stored in rows and columns so that it can be easily accessed.
* The second component is the model based management system. It is used to transform data into information which is then used to make decisions.
* The third component is the dialogue generation and management system. This component provides a friendly interface for manager to make decisions in a much simpler manner.

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