3 Tips For Organizing Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Having a great booth at a trade show is an important part of getting attention and interest in your products and services. However, failure to organize trade show exhibit booths so that they are user friendly can result in turning people away, even if they are visually appealing.

The system of designing and organizing the layout of trade show exhibit booths is both an art and a science. It is important to be able to understand how much physical space is needed if you want people to circulate through the exhibit area, but you also have elements that will draw the attention, create discussion and interest, and attract people to come to and through the booth at the same time.

Space Matters

While you are only given so much floor space for trade show exhibit booths you can maximize the use of that space in many different ways. For example, a curved or contoured back display will give the impression of a larger internal area than a flat background.

This factor is well worth considering when selecting smaller sizes of trade show exhibit booths where given the look of openness is more challenged.

Create Movement Pathways

When you are setting up and organizing your trade show exhibit booths think about how you want the audience to move through your display. You can then use positioning of your tables, stands and even where you focus lights to subtly create a traffic pathway.

Places where you want people to stop, find out more information, read something or interact with your products you need to create standing room outside of those pathways. If not you will create a bottleneck in the trade show exhibit booths that will limit the number of people that can pass through.


The display for your trade show exhibit booths should focus on what you are selling, promoting or marketing as well as your brand. By using the display in a way that highlights the focus you immediately create interest and movement to and through your display area.

Choosing the right display, lights, accessories and then positioning them all to provide space, areas of focus and interest as well as a natural movement through trade show exhibit booths takes some time and practice. Look around and see the different options at trade shows and then incorporate the ideas that you like into your own booth.

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