3 Important Questions to Ask Injury Attorneys in Corona

If you’ve been wrongfully injured, hiring an experienced injury lawyer is an important first step towards recovering expensive medical costs and lost work wages. When it comes to Injury Attorneys Corona is home to dozens of potential lawyers who can handle your case. Hiring the right one can have a huge impact on the amount of money you get from your claim. Below are some important questions you should ask potential Injury Attorneys Corona when you’re consulting with them for the first time.

How much is your contingency fee?

Most accident and injury case payments are based on a contingency fee, meaning you won’t owe your lawyer any payment unless your case leads to monetary gain. Contingency fees can be as high as 40%, but if you feel you have a strong case that will result in large financial recovery you should find a lawyer whose fees are lower. Unlike other legal fees, contingency fees are negotiable. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Have you handled cases similar to mine?

Because they can result in the recovery of large amounts of money, personal injury cases are very attractive to lawyers. You may want to steer clear of lawyers who haven’t handled many injury claims. While they are qualified to take your case, you can often win more money by choosing a lawyer who has spent his career focusing on personal injury law. Asking about a potential lawyer’s experience and the results of his cases can ensure that you’re dealing with someone who knows the complexities of injury law backwards and forwards.

What is my case worth?

Beware of lawyers who promise extravagant amounts of monetary gain. If their promises seem unrealistic to you, they probably are. A good lawyer will give you a realistic range for your damage recovery based on past cases he’s handled. He should also take the time to explain the reasoning behind these figures. If you don’t end up winning the original figures your lawyer came up with, don’t be surprised. Personal injury winnings depend on a complex set of factors that can change quickly as your case progresses.

When it’s time to consult with prospective Injury Attorneys Corona residents should always ask these questions to help them choose the right lawyer for their case. Choosing a lawyer who is experienced and up-front can help you recover the maximum damages if you’ve been injured.

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