3 Common Postal Mailing Mistakes That Take the Fun Out of Your Day

by | Jan 25, 2016 | Computer And Software

A missing letter or number can seem like a harmless mistake. However, when it comes to postal addresses, the slightest error can get you in a whole lot of trouble. You could end up with more than you bargained for if your barcodes turn out unreadable. Or if you mistakenly use the wrong mailing address, it could leave you with a whopping $4,000 in postage fees, according to Printing.Org, simply because you no longer qualify for the automation rate-all because of a tiny mistake. So don’t take the quality of your postal addresses for granted.

Here are the top mailing mistakes you should keep your eyes out for:

#1 Poor Address Quality
It’s always a surprise when businesses pay little to no attention to their addresses when good address quality is crucial to their business. From mistakes that include using punctuation marks when they aren’t necessary (except for hyphens), putting no secondary addresses and even the failure to use standard USPS abbreviations or codes, these mistakes can cause delays in your mailing delivery. And in business, delays aren’t efficient. This leads us to another common mistake companies handling international addresses make.

#2 Not Using the Right Software
One way to tell good addresses from bad ones is to use a reliable postal address validation software. This will ensure that you verify the validity and accuracy of the addresses on your list before you start sending them mail. Just make sure you upload the new addresses correctly into the system as well as check regularly for any changes in your customer database. Any changes in address or customer data should be reflected in your mailing records immediately. This way, you can avoid paying more than you should by getting the lowest postage rates you can find.

# Using the Wrong Permit Number or Indicia Language
The indicia is the permit imprint and the most convenient way to pay for postage, especially if you’re sending mails in bulk. The most common mistake is sending mails over with the wrong permit number or permit location which usually happens when you answer customer mails from all over the country, from geographically distant locations.

So if you don’t want extra postage fees eating up your profits and taking away a huge portion of your Happy Fund, make sure you do something to keep mistakes from happening. Want to know more about postal address validation software? Visit Anchor Software.

Upgrade your address quality with a postal address validation software.

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