Young Families May Need Water Jetting Services in Charleston SC to Break Up Clogs in Sewer Lines

Water Jetting Services in Charleston SC allow people to resolve sewer line obstructions by having a plumber break up the clog with high-pressure water sent into the pipe. Sewer line clogs are very common, but they still pose a big headache for people who live in the dwelling. These blockages often can be avoided by only flushing toilet paper and organic waste and throwing other items into the trash.


Families with little kids often experience this problem, whether it’s caused by the youngsters or by the adults. Young parents may have been fortunate enough to never have to deal with a sewer backup before, but this can lead them to flush all sorts of things that don’t belong in a sewer pipe. Plumbers have found blockages caused by well-intentioned people trying to flush disposable diapers, for example.

Baby Wipes

Even thin, lightweight baby wipes can create issues if they get caught on tree roots that have grown into the underground sewer pipe. Those roots are attracted to the tiny amounts of water and fertilizer that may escape at loose pipe joints or hairline cracks in the line. Water Jetting Services in Charleston SC use force that is actually powerful enough to cut those roots and flush them into the public sewer system.

Objects Flushed by Kids

Toddlers and older children may accidentally or intentionally flush objects that cause difficulties. They may be curious to see whether a comb will go down the hole at the bottom of the toilet, or they might flush a toy car because they find this humorous. They might accidentally drop a toothbrush in the water and not know whether it’s OK to fish it out. Flushing seems like the best option to avoid getting in trouble with Mom or Dad.

What usually happens in these situations is the object in question reaches the tree roots and can’t pass through. Workers with a company such as Preferred Home Services use the high-powered water jetting technique to cut the roots and flush everything away. If the customer wants to know the origin of the problem, running a video camera down the pipe before breaking up the clog will point out the culprit.

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