You Need a Good Millwright in Austin to Help You Move Your Equipment

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Moving and Relocating

Moving heavy equipment is not easy. It takes a toll on the moving equipment, personnel and the machinery itself. To do the job right, you need a team of professionals that know the in’s and out’s of the process. Here are a few things to consider if you have a machinery move in your future.

Planning is Key

Once you have your exact destination, contact your equipment movers as soon as possible so they can determine exactly what personnel and equipment they will need. A good team consists of riggers, painters, craters and laser alignment specialists. In addition, they will often include the services of a Millwright in Austin. They are on hand because it’s unlikely an older piece of machinery will survive a move intact. If you want to paint the machine you are moving, get that done before you move it and make sure it has plenty of time to dry completely. You don’t want to try to move the machine while the paint is still wet. If you are moving to another location, the moving company may also need transportation permits depending on the size and weight of the overall load.

What the Some of the Team Members Do

Riggers – They make sure your machine is safely loaded on the truck or other moving vehicle.

Craters – Once your machine is ready to move, they will crate it if needed, making sure that all moving parts are secure and will arrive damage free.

Laser Alignment Specialists – Sometimes, the location of equipment needs to be precise, especially in relationship to other machines in the workflow process. Laser alignment specialists will make sure your equipment is placed precisely where it needs to be.

Millwrights – While most people think of millwrights in terms of repairing and retrofitting machines, they can also help when you move because they can realign or repair anything that might break during a move.

Whether you are moving that piece of machinery across the country, across town, or just across the aisle in the plant, a professional moving team is an important investment. This includes using a Millwright in Austin who can help make the job go smoother and the end result a success.

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