Why Choose a Bridal Garter?

A garter is a common article of clothing worn by women. It is a tight band made out of an elastic material. The garter fastens around the leg, and keeps the stockings from slipping. In the twentieth century, the garter was a staple for women in the Western countries. They tied it just below the knee, where the leg is at its most slender. However, as fashion has evolved through the ages, the garter’s uses have evolved too. With the advent of elastic, women no longer wear garters as much in professional environments. Instead, they wear garters in weddings very commonly. It is a staple in a bride’s dress, because it serves two important purposes, as described below:

As a Wedding Tradition

It is custom for a bride to wear a Bridal Garter underneath her gown on her wedding day. This custom first originated back in the 1800s, and has since become a staple across the Western World. The groom removes the bridal garter off the bride’s leg at the end of the reception. This symbolizes the act of “deflowering” the bride. However, people no longer associate this tradition with such beliefs. Instead, they believe that the removal of the bridal garter bestows good luck on the newlywed couple.

Because of the nature of the tradition, the bridal garter needs to have a unique design. Everything the bride wears is special on her wedding, including the garters. Most women usually get a customized bridal garter made for their wedding, so that they can always remember the occasion. The wedding gown hides the garter underneath. It is a common part of a woman’s undergarments throughout the wedding, and most brides often opt for personalized garters and lingerie to make the situation more special. The bride can buy special garters for the wedding, with a width of two to three inches. She can also choose between cotton and netted fabric.

As an Undergarment

The garter is an important part of a woman’s undergarments on her wedding day. During the night, the garter could play a major role in turning the husband on when paired with the right lingerie. The bride can wear the garter with stockings, along with a garter belt at night. It adds a bit of uniqueness, and a touch of seductiveness, to her underwear.

There are two types of fabric used for bridal garters available. The fabric is made from cotton or nylon (it is not elastic). To keep them in place, a garter belt is used. The bride ties the belt just above her waist, and she can adjust the height of the suspenders according to her wishes. However, the modern garters do not require any belt. The material is elastic, and fastens around the leg.

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