Which Rechargeable Work Light is Best?

When you need portable light, you might not always have a handy AC power source, so it’s important to own a rechargeable work light you can depend on. When you check out lighting products, you’ll find flashlights, portable spotlights, and hand-held models. Let’s look closer at these three options to help you make an informed decision.


Flashlights are some of the most common lighting tools you can own. They give you a source of emergency light and are very handy. For example, a flashlight is great for searching in the dark for things. If you need something to find your breaker box, you can grab your trusty flashlight. However, when it comes to lights for work, flashlights have these drawbacks:

 * Limited lighting – the light focuses in one small area.

 * You can’t hold the flashlight and work at the same time.

 * Easy to drop – when you try to work with a flashlight, you may accidentally drop it, and cheap flashlights break easily.

Portable Spotlights

If you use a portable spotlight for your rechargeable work light, you can get bright light but spotlights come with stands, and they work well at floor level. However, if you need to see inside an engine compartment or have to check out machinery, you may see more shadows than light.

You can buy a portable spotlight with a tall stand, but they are easy to knock over. This is very frustrating and makes it difficult to get the job done.

Hand-Held Lighting

When you buy the best hand-held rechargeable work light, you enjoy these benefits:

 * LED power – the light is cool to the touch and uses less energy than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. They can last as long as 50, 000 hours.

 * Two battery packs

 * Steel hanging hooks

 * Flashlight mode

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