When You Need Help of an Expert of Industrial Air Compressors in PA

Industries that handle heavy duty work require air compressors capable of enduring long duration of operation without experiencing failures. Industrial air compressors are designed to run continuously but from time in time, they may develop issues that need to be fixed immediately. A compressor that isn’t working can cause a huge loss to the company.

Keeping these machines running efficiently saves business money, time and unnecessary hassles. If you have a problem with your equipment, you need to contact Industrial air compressors PA technicians to inspect it, identify the fault, and repair the problem.

Various signs will tell when your air compressor has become faulty and needs to be repaired. The fact that the equipment is running does not mean that it is in good shape. Regular check ups are important; you do not have to wait until it breaks down. By taking proactive measures, you can repair your Industrial air compressors PA and save money rather than waiting to deal with a major repair. Visit us website for more details.


* A compressor that overheats may indicate that there is poor ventilation, worn out valve, or a dirty cooling surface. If you continue running a machine that heats up excessively, you risk damaging it. It is better to seek help of a technician to examine its mechanical system and determine the issues that may be causing the overheating.

Oil in discharge air:

* If you have oil in discharge air, it may indicate there is restricted air intake by the machine, the piston rings are worn out, or there is wrong oil velocity. Faulty components or improper installation of a part, are possible causes of this problem.

Fuses that will blow repeatedly:

* Your machine runs under a certain ampere rating, and the right fuse has to be used. At times, when the incorrect size of fuse is used, it can blow up every now and them. Fuses may also blow up if there is overloading of the motor. You may want to contact a technician to handle this problem.

Regular maintenance by an Industrial air compressors PA technician can help in checking and fixing some of these problems before they worsen to call for huge repair costs. Air Center Inc. PA understands that air compressor troubles are an emergency and need to be handled immediately.

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