When Should You Approach A SSI Disability Attorney in Virginia Beach?

Many attorneys that focus their legal practice on representing clients involved in Social Security issues prefer to see their potential clients make the initial application for benefits and then step in when the application is denied. Statistically a full 75 percent of initial applications for benefits are denied and the percent does not improve all that much when an attorney is involved at this stage. Other attorneys have a different opinion and they prefer to be involved in the claim right from the outset.

This decision; do I use an attorney now or later is one that can be decided in the free consultation that most disability attorneys offer. The initial consultation also gives you an opportunity to find out what SSI disability attorneys’ fees in Virginia Beach are. You may get some ideas during this initial meeting that help you get approved on the initial application but the odds are against you and you will end up hiring the attorney for the appeals process which can drag on for months.

What attorney’s fees will you be charged?

SSI disability attorney’s fees are based on the back payments you, as the applicant, receive. Back payments are calculated starting with the date of the initial application and end on the date the application for benefits is finally approved. As the attorney will be working on a contingency basis you will only have to pay the fees in the event your attorney is successful, if the application is denied with finality there are no legal fees to pay.

Does having an attorney help?

The chances of winning on appeal are much higher with a disability attorney in Virginia Beach than they are going it alone. All laws are complicated and Social Security law is no exception, it is next to impossible for a layperson to understand the nuances and complexities involved. A qualifies Social Security attorney is up to date and conversant with all the rules and laws and can advise you on the best approach to have the best chance at approval.

To win a Social Security case on appeal will take the attorney a lot of time and effort and once you understand this you will appreciate why the SSI disability attorney’s fees in Virginia Beach are well worth paying. If you go it alone you won’t have legal fees but there is a good chance you won’t have any benefits either.

When you take into account what you stand to lose then SSI disability attorney fees are a small investment in a better future. You are invited to discuss your case with the attorneys at Bowman Disability Law.

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