What’s the Most Effective Hemorrhoid Pain Relief Option?

Hemorrhoids, especially external hemorrhoids, can be incredibly painful. That’s why, since you need to tackle many responsibilities each day, it is important to alleviate this pain. There are several options, and you can use most of these at home to get relief while you are awaiting a doctor’s help to cure your hemorrhoids. All of the home remedies can be combined so that you have the greatest chance of keeping your pain under control.

Home Remedies for Hemorrhoid Pain Relief

Many people find temporary relief with over-the-counter hemorrhoid pads, creams, ointments, and suppositories. It is important to note that you must use these exactly as directed and not for longer than one week. Side effects can occur and may include skin rash or thinning and inflammation.

There are other more natural home remedies that may provide temporary relief from your hemorrhoid pain, and these include:

* Cleaning your anal area: Keep your anal area clean and dry. Use plain, warm water to gently cleanse the area and dry it with a blow dryer to prevent friction from rubbing with a towel.
* Soaking the painful area: You can use warm water or a sitz bath to soak your hemorrhoids. Soak the area for about 15 minutes each time, up to three times per day.
* Icing the painful area: You can use ice to calm the pain of hemorrhoids because ice helps to numb the area and reduce inflammation. Never apply ice directly to a hemorrhoid. Just place a towel between the ice and your skin. Ice the hemorrhoid for 15 minutes at a time. You can do this three to four times per day, as needed.

Infrared Coagulation to Cure Hemorrhoids

Infrared Coagulation is a relatively new procedure for hemorrhoids. It is minimally invasive, and you will experience no pain as your doctor performs the procedure. Once your doctor removes your hemorrhoids with this procedure, the associated pain and discomfort goes away too. In most cases, this treatment is done right in your doctor’s office, and you can go home shortly after.

Infrared Coagulation is quick, and it involves your doctor focusing on the area right above your hemorrhoid with short bursts of light. This light will clot off, or coagulate, the blood vessel that is sending blood to the offending hemorrhoid. When your hemorrhoid is not getting the oxygen and nutrients it requires to survive, it will die. The purpose of this procedure is to trigger the body to naturally reabsorb the hemorrhoid.

After your doctor cures your hemorrhoids, make sure to ask whether or not you can use home remedies while you are healing. Once your hemorrhoids are gone, you will likely not require additional pain relief, but if you’re still taking pain killers a couple of days after the procedure, try to make sure that the one you are taking is safe to use and will not interfere the treatment your doctor performed.

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