What You Should Know about NJ Roofing Contractors

You’ve likely heard of or know someone who has been taken advantage of by a roofing contractor. This, unfortunately, gives contractors a bad reputation they do not deserve. There are plenty of reputable NJ roofing contractors out there. In order to find the good ones and steer clear of the bad ones, you need to look for a few important things.


A reputable contractor will gladly give you his license number, as well as his insurance information. You can use both of these items to check the business out. With the license number, you can check with the state to see if there are any complaints or accusations against him. You can also check for proof he is an actual contractor. There is no way for a contractor to make up a license number or try to pull a fast one on you when you call the appropriate sources to investigate. The insurance information allows you to call the provider and ensure the company has the proper coverage in the event damage occurs to your home or to the person working on your home so you are not liable.


Reputable NJ roofing contractors will provide warranties or guarantees on their work. This is different than the warranty the manufacturer provides on its products. A written guarantee is much better than a verbal one. With a written warranty, you have legal proof of what the contractor is offering in regard to their work. You should also determine if he will honor the manufacturer’s warranty on the product and ensure it is included in the written statements.


You should never have any work performed on your home without a contract. This is to protect both you and the contractor. A contract gives you the opportunity to spell out all fees, work that will be completed, what type of down payment is required and any other fees or promises that go into the work you are having done on your home.

If you take the proper precautions when you look for NJ roofing, you can have quality work done and pay only what is promised. A contractor who has the proper licensing, insurance and offers a contract and warranty will deliver you quality roofing work, helping you repair or replace your roof in a quality manner.

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