What is a custom home?

Custom homes are those which are designed and built in full compliance with the designs and specifications given to custom home builders in Galveston TX by the buyer. Custom homes are tailored to the likes of the buyer and often, with the buyers architect or designer. In many cases a custom home will be built on a piece of land the buyer already owns, in other cases the preliminary work can be accomplished parallel to a real estate transaction to purchase the land.

There are two common approaches to designing a custom home. A buyer may work with the developer of a subdivision, purchasing from a selection of home designs and then having the drawings modified by an architect to customize it to the owners taste. Once the “customization” has been completed, the developer will prepare an estimate of the cost of the home and construction will proceed on the timetable of the developer.

In the first example the buyer is obliged to have his or her home built in the developers subdivision, others prefer to purchase a plot of land separately and have a custom home built on it. In cases like this the responsibility of finding custom home builders in Galveston TX area falls is the buyers. The home buyer will have to hire an architect to design the home and specify the materials and it cannot be stressed enough that the architect that is chosen has in depth knowledge of all the codes that apply to home construction in the municipality where the home will be built.

Once the architect has completed the design, drawn the plans and developed the specs, the home buyer can take these details to custom home builders in Galveston TX. These builders will develop proposals based on the design and details and offer a price and a completion time estimate. Finding the best contractor is going to be just as difficult as it was finding the right architect, you will have to use due diligence in establishing the builders reputation. Once the builder has been chosen he will normally be responsible for hiring and managing all the sub contractors that are needed to build a house although some of the larger contractors maintain their own skilled tradesmen.

A custom built home is really the only way that anyone can get everything they want in a home. Although it can be a time consuming process, once completed the owner knows the house is perfect for the needs of the family and built with quality in mind.

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