What happens when you cannot afford bail?

by | Dec 1, 2014 | Law Services

If you are arrested for a DUI you will typically have to remain in jail until such time as your case is resolved or you can put up bail money. If you cannot afford to pay the bail out of pocket there are bondsmen who offer DUI bail bonds in Minneapolis MN. In some cases the accused can go to friends and family members to raise the amount needed to get out of jail but if this is not possible then a bondsman may be the only person you can turn to.

Bail is money; either in the form of cash or a bond that is placed in the hands of the court to ensure that the accused appears for trial; if this happens, the bail is returned. What is important for the accused to understand is that the bail money, either the cash that is put up or the DUI bail bonds in Minneapolis MN that have been arranged through an independent bail bondsman is returned, however, if the bail was put up by a bondsman there is a fee included which of course will not be returned to the accused.

For those that do not have access to enough cash to post bail, or they cannot raise it from family, friend, etc the solution is to turn to a bail bonding company. These companies provide this specific function and provide money for this purpose and this purpose alone. Companies that provide DUI bail bonds in Minneapolis MN are usually found in close proximity to police stations and jails, they can also be found with a quick online search. The bondsman will charge a fee for arranging bail, the fee is usually about 10 percent and is not refundable when the accused appears in court and the bond is returned.

Although there is only one way to gain release from jail while awaiting trial, there are two ways to accomplish it; one is to post cash bail and the other is to arrange a bond from a bail bondsman. If these options fail the accused will have to stay locked up until the trial date, even if he or she is actually innocent and found to be so during the trial. There are different schools of thought on the subject, many feel that having to post bail for small crimes that did not include violence is unfair, this is especially true if there is a good chance the accused will eventually be found innocent.

Driving under the influence is a serious crime and in the event you are arrested and charged with this offence you may need to arrange for DUI bail bonds in Minneapolis MN.

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