What happens in an automotive body shop?

What happens in an automotive body shop?

An automobile body shop is a facility where auto body repair and restoration takes place. The technicians who undertake auto body repair in Lakeview have undergone specialist training that allows them to deal with damage to the body of a vehicle as well as the frame, the type of damage that one would expect in the event of a collision. Repairing the damage to a car body or frame can become quite complex, the net result is that the costs of repairs can be significant. If the car was damaged in a collision the cost of repairs is most often borne by an insurance company, assuming of course the car owner has the right type of insurance.

Severe damage to the body or the frame can disable a car, making it impossible to drive and can be of concern for those who wish to sell their cars in the future. What sets a shop that performs auto body repair in Lakeview apart from a general automobile repair shop is the fact that the auto body shop in Lakeview has the facility to deal with frames which have been damaged. A general auto repair shop is one that performs routine maintenance such as oil changes as well as complicated mechanical work such as completely rebuilding an engine.

In a typical auto body repair shop you will see mechanics using welding torches while others are repairing the damaged panels and others are preparing to paint and painting the vehicle. These technicians have been trained in auto body repair; some may even have taken additional certification. In some cases the body shop will deal with all makes and models of vehicles while in other cases the shop will be dedicated to body repair for a particular make of car.

When the damaged vehicle first arrives for auto body repair in Lakeview the first thing that happens is the staff will prepare an estimate to repair the damage and put the car back to its pre-collision state. When the estimate is accepted the technicians will both order and install replacement panels or beat the panels back into shape and refinish them. If the frame has been damaged the entire vehicle will be set on a device which squares and aligns the frame.

There are many times when the car is damaged to the point where the cost of repair will exceed the value of the car. If the car is not properly insured it is usually scrapped, if it is insured it will still be scrapped but the insurance company will replace the totally wrecked car.

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