What Does It Take To Be A Foot And Ankle Specialist In The Woodlands TX?

People choose to become involved with the medical profession for a number of (hopefully) altruistic motivations but, whether they are hoping to become a general physician, a surgeon or even opting for a more supporting role (such as nursing), they all need a fairly lengthy initial college training. Once they have graduated from their basic college course there will usually be a required period of “on the job training” (as it were – often referred to as a residency). Those choosing to enter any of the more specialized areas of medicine will require extra college time and additional practical training. Once all of this has been completed, the final hurdle is to gain state recognition and be licensed to practice.

The Human Foot, Ankle And Lower Extremities

Suitable university graduates or freshly qualified physicians or surgeons may choose to make the lower extremities a particular speciality. This requires them to study the field of podiatrics with the aim to becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) and become licensed as a Foot And Ankle Specialist In The Woodlands TX (or within any other State where they may prefer to practice).


First year training at a podiatric medical school provides similar training to that which candidates for either a doctorate of medicine or a doctorate of osteopathic medicine receive but, there will be extra emphasis on the human foot, ankle, and lower extremities. A minimum of four years is required to complete and graduate from the basic DPM course.

This is followed by a minimum of three years residency or post-doctoral training during which time they will cover major areas of medicine and surgery above and beyond podiatrics itself. On completion of their residency, they can apply to become board certified by either the American Board of Podiatric Medicine and/or the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

What Do They Do?

A good DPM practicing as a Foot And Ankle Specialist In The Woodlands TX will be able to diagnose and treat just about anything that might be affecting a patient’s lower extremities. This could range from sports injuries to foot problems associated with diabetes, poor circulation or disruptions in the nervous system plus many other relatively minor problems like bunions or ingrowing toenails.

There is some confusion over the terms podiatrics and chiropody since both do deal with people’s feet. At one time, the terms were interchangeable but, these days, a chiropodist mainly deals with the lesser, more cosmetic aspects of foot care.

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