What does a family cosmetic dentist do?

A family cosmetic dentist is one who is concerned with both the overall dental health of patients as well as the appearance of the teeth and smile. There are many reasons why people go to cosmetic dentists, some have had bad teeth all their adult lives and as a result they are not as confident as they should be. Other patient’s go to a cosmetic dentist because their teeth become stained, cracked and chipped over the years still others go to a cosmetic dentist because their teeth were damaged in an accident. Whatever the reason may be, Aurora dentists aim to fix the problems, allowing the patient to smile with confidence.

Family dentists provide dental care to all members of the family, working to prevent dental problems, treating tooth decay and generally helping patients to maintain their teeth and gums at their healthiest. Family dentists provide regular check-ups and cleanings, fill cavities, remove teeth if necessary and work with their patients on programs aimed toward good dental hygiene. A family dentist will keep an eye on a patient’s mouth, teeth and gums, looking for possible problems that may cause them to refer the patient to a specialist.

Family cosmetic dentistry deals with both general dental issues and with the aesthetics of the patient’s teeth. The objective of these Aurora dentists is not only excellent dental health but also to create a beautiful smile. Most dentists who have a family practice can do some basic cosmetic work without any formalized training, treatments such as tooth whitening and white fillings. Other family dentists have taken specialized courses and training on the full gamut of cosmetic dental care. These dentists are fully qualified and can do the more complex treatments such as tooth shaping, veneers and inlays.

Family cosmetic dentists work to enhance and improve the look of their patient’s teeth; they do this with processes such as porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and dental implants. These dentists can modify the shape of a tooth and replace teeth with porcelain bridges.

A general dentist who has received the necessary training in family cosmetic dentistry can perform these procedures on patients of any age. Children who have broken a tooth or lost one in an accident can have the tooth repaired or replaced, geriatric patients can have repairs done on teeth that have yellowed with age or suffer from a receding gum line.