What constitutes a chimney inspection?

It requires the services of a skilled technician to make a chimney inspection in Brooklyn; the technician is looking for any evidence of a problem that could result in a safety concern. A complete chimney inspection not only includes recommendations for improvement but also includes identifying any violations of the local building code. For those who do have a chimney an annual inspection is highly recommended, inspections are often a requirement when a property is changing ownership or when there has been an incident involving a fire in the chimney.

The NFPA, National Fire Protection Association have very stringent standards for a chimney inspection in Brooklyn, these standards are very clear and have been established to eliminate any ambiguity or doubt from the procedure. There are basically three different levels of inspection; a level one inspection is the least stringent with level three being extremely stringent. During a level one inspection only the areas of the chimney that are easy to access need to be inspected, by easy access the code means that no doors or coverings need to be disturbed unless they can be accessed using standard, readily available tools.

A level two inspection is stricter and more in depth, this level of inspection is demanded when a property is changing hands and to provide clearance for use after there has been an incident or accident involving the chimney. This level of inspection is also required should substantial renovation is being done on the chimney. When this level of inspection is called for the technician is expected to examine everything that can be accessed reasonably, not damaging or altering the chimney in any way including the connection to the chimney and the fire burning appliance. If the technician identifies an area of concern at this stage a level three inspection is usually carried out.

While doing a level three chimney inspections in Brooklyn the technician might remove portions of the chimney for a more detailed examination even though this may damage or change the finish on the chimney. When a level three inspection is finished it will be necessary to reassemble those areas that were dismantled for inspection. Often, a level three inspection results in the complete replacement of the chimney or at least extensive repair and renovation.

The goal of all chimney inspection is to reduce any fire risk but making sure that the chimney is in good structural condition and operates in a safe manner.An annual chimney inspection in Brooklyn is highly recommended as it is during this inspection that any issues that have a negative impact on the structure or the residents are discovered and repaired.


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