What An SSDI Attorney In Harrisburg Can Do For You

It’s pretty common for most Social Security Disability (SSDI) claims to get denied there first time. If you were turned down for a disability claim due to a disabling condition, contact an SSDI Attorney in Harrisburg immediately for a free consultation. With the right representation, you can receive the help you need to claim your benefits. Filling out the application, and awaiting Social Security Disability benefits, can be challenging. That is why it is so beneficial to have legal professionals to help. They can help assist you with the entire application process and even prepare your medical records. Attorney advocates are experienced with Social Security rules and regulations. They can obtain the proper medical records that most judges will be looking for.

If you think you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you need to file an application immediately to lock in your filing date. Your cash benefits will be based on what you made during the year before you apply, so file as soon as possible! Once you have filed your application, Social Security Administration can go ahead and make a determination to see if you are eligible for benefits. After the determination process, you are able to appeal if you do not agree with the result. This is when you should contact an SSDI Attorney Harrisburg to assist you with your appeal. It is good to know that disability attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that if you do not win your SSDI claim, you owe them nothing.


If your benefits are approved, the amount you will get every month is determined by how many work credits you earned recently. This is based on how much income you earned the prior year. If for some reason you have not worked enough credit hours, you can still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). This is something you can discuss with an SSDI Attorney in Harrisburg. Cash benefits are also available for eligible family members.

Being disabled and unable to work is frustrating enough, not to mention expensive medical bills that you may not be able to pay. All this can really put a lot of stress on you and your family. Without any monthly income, you won’t have any means to take care of the things you need. An experienced SSDI Attorney in Harrisburg will make sure you get the benefits you are entitled to. They will aggressively fight to win your claim so that you can take care of your needs.

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