Ways Pre Season Cleaning can Limit Issues with Air Conditioner Repair in Palm Harbor

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

One way you can keep your air conditioner in good repair is by having it regularly maintained. Often the best time to do this is in the pre season or the months before summer begins. This will give a technician from a company who handles Air conditioner repair in Palm Harbor a chance to inspect the unit and make sure it is working well before it is used on a regular basis to cope with the warmer temperatures of summer.

When a technician comes to inspect your AC system, he or she will generally begin by cleaning the unit. Many issues of air conditioner repairing service in Palm Harbor are caused by units being dirty. Most technicians will begin their work by cleaning the unit housed indoors. The blower unit will generally attract a good amount of dirt, hair and other debris. A technician will vacuum this from the exterior and interior of the unit by using a heavy-duty vacuum with a long nozzle attachment.

The air filter on the blower will also need to be inspected and replaced if necessary. The filter is designed to prevent dirt from making its way into the blower. Because of this, the air filter can become quite dirty. A technician will replace the dirty filter with a new one. You will also want to check the air filter periodically during the summer and replace it when it becomes so dirty light cannot shine through it.

Often, the compressor and condenser are located outside of the home. This unit often becomes dirty due to its location outside. The technician will spend time cleaning out any debris from the unit’s housing. Once it is cleaned, it can be removed. This will expose the coils and fins. The coils will need to be cleaned using water and/or coil cleaner. The technician will need to be careful to ensure the rest of the unit does not become wet. Fins are cleaned with a stiff wire brush. By keeping these units clean, air can circulate freely through the system.

If you need to have your air conditioner cleaned or inspected you should contact a company, like Airprompt Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. They can come out to inspect your unit and take care of any issues you may be having. By doing this while the problems are small, you can often save time and money.

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