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If you have an interest in the dental profession either because you need work done or you are curious about going into the field yourself, you may wonder what kind of dentists Virginia Beach has to offer.

General dentists Virginia Beach has to offer are doctors of oral health that help people with maintenance issues as well as preventative care.  A general dentist will do everything from a cleaning and check up to a root canal and cavity filling.  General dentists help to prevent and treat all sorts of gum diseases and they can also sometimes help with cosmetic issues, though many do not specialize in that area.

Cosmetic dentists Virginia Beach has to offer on the other hand, do specialize in the cosmetic portion of the industry.  These dentists do not handle the health aspects of the teeth and gums, but rather deal with the aesthetic appeal of the teeth and smile.  You might go to a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening, veneers or other cosmetic issues.

An orthodontist is one of the dentists Virginia Beach has to offer that generally has even more training than the rest of the dental community.  Many of the orthodontists start out as general dentists who then go on to have several more years of training.  Orthodontists diagnose, prevent and treat dental as well as facial issues like straightening crooked teeth that can cause not only cosmetic issues, but plenty of others.

In the dental community, you will also hear about hygienists.  Hygienists are people that clean patient’s teeth and examine patients for diseases.  They can also provide preventative tips and care and help patients improve their overall oral health.  Hygienists usually work with patients prior to the dentist’s assessment of the patient.  Hygienists do not have as many degrees, but they do have to have a special license in order to practice.

If you need dental work done, you should be able to judge which type of the dentists Virginia Beach has to offer that you would need to see.  If you are still unsure, you can always go to your general dentist and ask for a referral, if necessary.  If instead you are interested in the profession yourself, you could ask the dentists in the area for a consultation regarding the profession.  You can ask about daily work, educational needs or other areas that can help you prepare for a career in the profession yourself.

Not every area of the country has every type of dentist and some people have to see a general dentist for every need or travel elsewhere for something more specific.  Dentists in the Virginia Beach area are varied enough that you should be able to find one that meets nearly any need.

Dentists Virginia Beach Want to enhance your smile? The Foleck Center offers general dentistry services and also caters for implant and even cosmetic interests that can help create beautiful smiles from almost anything.

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