The Veterinary Cardiologist: Heart Disease and Pets

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Animal health

Heart disease is something the majority of us are well aware of. You might have had a parent, a friend or even yourself diagnosed with some kind of heart disease. Heart diseases aren’t just a human problem though. They can also affect our pets in most of the same ways that they can affect us. Just like with our heart problems, we are usually sent by our doctors to go see a cardiologist. Now days many veterinary clinics might have access to a cardiologist who specializes in treating your animals for a wide variety of heart diseases.

What Can a Cardiologist Do for My Pet?

They can do the same things that human cardiologists do for you. They typically have access to diagnostics that a normal veterinarian might not have. They can perform Electrocardiograms, Echocardiograms or even give your animal companion a heart monitor to wear for observation.

They will help in both treating and managing any long term heart diseases your pet may have. This can amount to follow-up care, prescriptions or anything relating to your pet’s medical condition. Some can even perform minor invasive procedures. You should ask your vet about a veterinary cardiologist to make sure one is available to you and your little friend.

Dealing with Your Pet’s Heart Disease

It can be a difficult time when your animal companion gets a diagnosis of some kind of heart related disease. It’s difficult for us to hear we’re sick and the same can be true about hearing that our pets are seriously ill. No one wants to think about what is going to happen to their best friend if they can’t be helped but rest easy that cardiologists who specialize in treating your pet’s heart conditions will do everything they can to help you through this difficult time.

Working together with both your veterinarian and cardiologist to get the best treatment plan and care for your animals is the best thing you can be doing. It’s important to make sure to follow all of the doctor’s instructions closely so your pets can get the best benefits from their treatment. If you’re dealing with a pet who has heart disease and you haven’t asked your veterinarian about a vet who specializes in cardiology then you should. Your pets, your peace of mind and the future the two of you are going to share will thank you for it.

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