Understanding How a Bail Bond in Johnstown NY Works

Being placed under arrest means losing your freedom, and possibly, facing criminal charges. No one wants to spend time in jail, so finding a way to get out of jail is number one on the list. Getting out of jail can only happen if the judge allows bail. The judge will allow or not allow bail for a number of reasons. One of the reasons the judge may allow bail is based on the severity of the crime you are charged with and the likelihood that you will show up for court. Most people are not able to pay the bail and need financial assistance in the form of a bails bondsman.

Based on these considerations, the judge will issue or not issue bail. So in order to get out of jail, two things must happen. The first is the judge must provide bail. The second is you must find a bail bond in Johnstown NY that will provide you with the bail amount so you can get out of jail. In order to make bail, either you or a bondsman will need to pay the bail amount set by the judge. A bail bondsman is someone who pays the bail with the agreement that you will show up for the appointed court date.

Once you have signed the agreement with the bail bondsman stating that you will show up for your court date, the bondsman will pay the bail on your behalf. The bondsman acts like a loan officer who lends you a certain amount of money. However, along with paying back the loan, you will be required to show up for court. If you don’t, the bail will be revoked and a warrant for your arrest is the next step.

There are different kinds of bonds offered by the bails bondsman. The first type of bail bond in Johnstown NY is a cash bond. A cash bond comes in the form of cash or a money order. The second kind of bond is called a property bond. A property bond is when property or assets or used as collateral to make bail. The last type of bail is called a surety bond. A surety bond is when the defendant pays a percentage, usually 10 percent of the bail, to the bondsman.

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