Train to be a Nail Technician at the Beauty School in Hays, KS

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Beauty

Many people think that when one goes to cosmetology school, they are simply there to learn how to become a hairdresser. Actually, students can study in many different areas of beauty. Of course, they can take the hairdressing programs, but other programs are also available, including makeup artistry and learning how to become a nail technician. Manicures and pedicures are extremely popular, and many salons are just aching to have qualified nail technicians working for them. To get into this fun line of work, it all starts with enrolling in a certified cosmetology school.

Women and men alike enjoy having their nails done, because it improves their appearance. Obviously, men don’t usually get any polish, but they do have the rest of the process performed. Not only does a nice manicure or pedicure make someone look more put together, it is also nice to be able to sit back and be pampered. Manicures and pedicures are extremely relaxing, and involves massaging the hands which helps to ease sore muscles and joints. These are things that are taught at the Beauty School in Hays, KS.

A nail technician is responsible for everything to do with the finger nails and toe nails. They do traditional manicures and pedicures, polishing, artificial nails, nail art, and more. There is plenty of work available for someone who has these skills. They can work in salons, or as private contractors, working in different salons, at home, or at clients’ homes. It is necessary for a nail technician to be licensed, and in order to take the training program, one must have a high school diploma or its equivalent. Students receive plenty of practical training, working on real clients. Upon graduating from an accredited Beauty School in Hays, one can then apply for licensing so they can work anywhere.

This is a growing career field, and one that just about anyone can do if they have the proper training. To learn more about becoming a nail technician, contact Hays Academy of Hair Design. Potential students can find out more about the program. Don’t forget to ask about other programs available at the school.


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