Tips For Using Poultice Stain Remover On Stone

Stone has been used throughout history as a construction material. In ancient times it was valued solely for its availability and strength but today it is valued for both its strength and beauty as an ideal option for flooring, countertops, patio and walkway materials.

Despite the beauty and resilience of stone, staining is still possible. Thanks to effective products like poultice stain remover it is easy to keep your stone looking bright, fresh and new. This can include marble, granite, limestone and travertine as well as man-made materials such as terrazzo, concrete, brick and sanded grout. These materials stain if not treated and can leave unsightly color changes on the surface. Depending on the contrast between the color of the stone and the stain, stains can be very noticeable and detrimental to the look of your stone surface. Poultice stain remover can easily remove even the most stubborn stains to restore the natural stone or man-made material to its natural color.

First Steps in Using Poultice Stain Remover

Ideally the best option is to always remove the item that has been spilled onto the stone surface before you need to use stain removing poultice powder. If you spill anything that might stain such as coffee, tea, grape juice, red wine or berry juice, immediately use a soft cloth with warm water to clean the surface.

If the organic material has dried or has already entered the porous surface of the stone you should still remove the excess material. Wipe the area thoroughly and then, using the MB Stone Care recommended stain remover poultice, apply it to the surface and allow it to dry.

The Application of Stain Removing Poultice Powder

Applying MB Stone Care stain removing poultice powder is easy. Simply mix a small amount of the powder, which contains special ingredients to lift the stain safely, with water to form a thick paste. Apply the paste to the stain and cover it with plastic wrap. Use a toothpick or other small object to create several holes in the wrap to allow airflow.

Leave until the MB Stone Care recommended powder dries, which will depend on humidity and other factors, and then wait 24 to 48 hours. Remove the plastic wrap and wipe off the dried surface residue to reveal that the stain has been removed the natural beauty of your stonework restored.

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