Tips on How to Shop for Area Rugs

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Carpets

Area rugs are useful additions to any room. You can make a statement with the type of area rug you place on your floors. They can help minimize noise, maximize space, add warmth and are visually appealing. Area rugs come in various sizes and designs. If you are searching for area rugs in Charlotte, you will not have a problem finding them. Most retailers offer a variety of area rug options. They can be an inexpensive way to change the entire look of a space.

Inexpensive and Practical Area Rugs

Synthetic area rugs, size 5’ by 8’ are usually under $100. This is a standard size area rug. Synthetic rugs, made of nylon, is a good quality rug. Nylon rugs conceal dirt well. Even though cotton rugs are also inexpensive, they tend to wear out sooner and quickly stain. If you are environmentally conscience, you may opt for an eco-friendly area rug. In this case, you would look for one created from biodegradable materials, such as, sisal or bamboo. These types of rugs are best outdoors.

Looking for the Right Quality

Many contemporary rugs are still made from the decade long technique of hand knotting. Hand-knotted area rugs offer fabulous details and are durable. They will last you forever! This is one of the best quality of rugs you can purchase. Another good option is a hand-tufted rug. While it may say that it is hand-tufted, in most cases, they are created by both, hand and machine. When the pattern is reversed, it is a hand-knotted rug. If attached to backing, this rug is hand-tufted. If you see RugMark on the label, this indicates it child laborer’s did not make it. When you want to pay less for an area rug, look for a machine-made rug rather than a hand-knotted rug. They usually cost a third less.

Size Matters

An area rug that takes up the majority of a room is not an area rug. An area rug is supposed to be a focus point of an area or room. When it is too large, it just looks like wall-to-wall carpeting. If the size is too small, it may look out of place. Consider the size of your room and consult with the sales associate about the appropriate area rug sizes for that room dimensions. Just remember, when shopping for area rugs in Charlotte, size matters.

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