Tips For Choosing Reliable Graphite Suppliers

There are a lot of different options in the market to buy graphite, including some that are very reputable and reliable and others that are simply not as good of a choice. Knowing how to spot the signs of reliable and dependable graphite suppliers and how to avoid companies that are going to ship low-quality material or even have problems filling orders to arrive on time.

Look at Business Experience

The best graphite suppliers to use are the companies that have a proven track record with customers. In other words, these are companies that have been in business for years, building up a customer base and keeping those customers satisfied with products and customer support.

Companies that are startups or that seem to have a blank slate when it comes to experience and the ability to procure the graphite should be eliminated from any consideration, even at what seems like an amazingly low price.

Delivery Record

The delivery by graphite suppliers is also a critical factor. It is difficult to store the graphite electrodes or specialized products at your facility, so look for a supplier that has the network of warehouses and freighting options to offer just-in-time delivery.

This is a benefit that many companies don’t take full advantage of because of the concern that a late shipment will cause an issue with their own operation. By using a proven, experienced and professional graphite supplier for your just-in-time delivery, this concern ceases to be a problem.

Finally, make sure the suppliers are ISO 9001:2008 certified, as should all of the suppliers or manufacturers from which they make purchases. This ensures the quality of product you expect with every order without the wide variation that can be seen with imports from other countries without the same standards and certifications.

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