Tips For Choosing Business Telephony Solutions

If you have made the decision to switch from an old, outdated landline system to a one of the new business telephony solutions you have made a great choice. However, you will quickly find that you have a lot of different choices when it comes to the business phone system that will work best for your needs.

While it may seem complicated and complex, stopping and carefully considering the problems you experience with your current phones will help you in focusing in on specific features in your business telephony solutions that will eliminated those problems.

Look at Costs
Sometimes owners and managers are hesitant to switch to business telephony solutions because of the need to upgrade their current phones to IP PBX phones or VoIP phones. However, if you stop and consider the amount you are spending right now on your landlines, the amount you are already spending on your internet, and the amount of lost time you have because of the limit functionality of traditional phones the cost is really minimal.

Working in the Cloud
If your company doesn’t want to have to deal with their own private IP phone system you may want to consider cloud hosted business telephony solutions. These are remotely managed by a company of your choice and handle all your upgrades and any problems you may experience and also provide support.

This type of system means that you don’t have a big capital investment and you will typically just have an installation and set-up fee and then pay by phones on the system.  This allows you to easily grow or, if needed, to reduce the service if you downsize without having to continue to pay for unused services.

How Integrated?
There are some very easy to use business telephony solutions that fully integrate multiple types of uses into one system. You can connect to video conference, attach documents while talking on the phone, answer instant messages and virtually do it all without any disruption in your conversation.

These business telephony solutions work best when they are used throughout your workplace. This ensures that everyone has the ability to interact, communicate and share information in a consistent, seamless and very easy way regardless of where they may be in or out of the workplace.

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